Dog Adoption —
Choosing, Caring For and Training
Puppies and Adult Dogs


Is dog adoption a mystery to you?

Are you unsure whether to adopt or to buy a puppy from a breeder?

Do you have questions about dog breeds and choosing the right dog for you?

Are you unsure about how to deal with and care for a young and growing dog?

Photo of Charlie, the 14 year old York/Mini Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel mix

Charlie, my 14 year old, 16 pound Yorkie/ Mini Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel mix breed from the SPCA in his sit-stay.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, Your Dog Adoption and Training Guide is here to help!

With literally a lifetime of experience with adopted dogs, I've seen it all. Whatever your question, you'll find the answer here.

If you're bewildered about training your newly adopted dog (and all the training options available to you), I cover that, too, including clicker training and positive reinforcement. Plus health and illness issues for over 160 breeds that I have profiled to date.

Here you'll learn about what's involved in adopted dog ownership, training and care, so that you can have the wonderful experience with a canine friend that millions of dog owners already enjoy.

Dog Adoption Is an Important Issue

An adopted Labrador Retriever, catching a Frisbee

This adopted Labrador Retriever loves playing Frisbee at the beach!

Did you know that up to 30% of the dogs in animal shelters are purebreds? Did you know that shelters even take in puppies?

Our dog pounds and shelters are overcrowded with wonderful pets just waiting for you to come rescue one of them. All they want is a kind, safe, happy, forever-home!

And dog adoption can give you many choices—adult dogs, puppies, purebreds, crosses, and mutts.

When you adopt, you get a dog that is truly grateful for a second chance. S/he will do everything possible to please you.

With just a little effort, ownership of an adopted dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Is adopting a dog right for you? I discuss it in detail, so that you can make an informed decision.

Dog training must be part of the dog adoption process. Training is vital for a happy dog/owner relationship, so training is included in this site to round out your knowledge about adoption.

Actually, dog training is part of "caring" for your dog. "A well trained dog is a happy dog" and proper use of clicker training just makes it better.

Choosing the right dog and training the dog are two of the most important aspects of canine ownership. Understanding what to expect and how to handle a dog completes the picture of dog adoption.

The Dog Book Isle offers books and DVDs jammed with information about living with, caring for and training an adopted dog or puppy. Each dog breed page also offers specific books for that specific breed. Start here to find the right breed for you.

descriptive text

An adopted Shepherd mix.
"Tennis, anyone?"

Don't Let Your Dog Become a Statistic!

Only about 1 out of 13 puppies born live to see their second birthday. Even fewer see their third birthday. This is largely because the new dog owners did not know how to select the right dog, and then did not know what to expect and how to deal with the dog once they got it home.

You can be one of the successful adopters of a shelter or pound dog. Click on a button on the left and continue reading to discover how easy it is to prepare for your new life with an adopted dog.

Two racing Greyhound dogs.

Oh, those racing Greyhounds!
3-year old retired Greyhounds make wonderful adoption dogs.

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Dogs And Kids
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